Hot Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage


 A very firm treatment, focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, the aim is to release tension within the body, un-sticking muscle fibres, releasing deep tension and relieving chronic muscle aches and pains.



Designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level.

I use smooth, heated volcanic rocks as an extension of my hands, to perform the massage treatment.

The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle



Swedish Massgae
Trigger Point Massage
Healing Hands
holistic massage therapy
By Miriam Ostrovska



We all have our own way of approaching life. Thoughts, events and emotions all leave their footprints on the body and mind.

Derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘Holos’ meaning whole,

Holistic Massage treats the whole person - the body, mind and soul in unison,

gently releasing toxins from the body, together with relieving mental and emotional stresses and tensions.

My goal is to create the perfect treatment for you and your unique needs.

As a result, there is no set routine, I simply look carefully at the

causes of your individual tensions and work with the ‘whole you’ to help restore your natural inner balance.

Holistic massage total relaxation and wellbeing...












Benefits of Holistic Massage

• Releasing tensions and relaxing tight, sore muscles

• Alleviating aches and pains

• Promoting deep relaxation, thus reducing the damaging effects of stress

• Strengthening the immune system

• Encouraging better blood and lymph circulation

• Relieving stiff joints

• Enhancing mobility and flexibility

• Increasing metabolism

• Detoxifying the body

• Promoting a feeling of wellbeing






 A trigger point is a hyper-irritable spot that ‘triggers’ a painful response.

Relying on feedback from you,

I locate and deactivate these points using carefully applied finger pressure.



Wonderfully relaxing, its light, gentle approach makes it

ideal for a little time out, a chance to truly unwind.

After a treatment, you will feel lighter and experience enhanced ease of movement.

The skin’s natural functions will be stimulated, improving its condition and the warmth created will help relax yourbody physically and mentally.

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